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Cleaning up...Body and Soul!

More handmade soap!! And this time it's from a homeschooling mother of eight who loves to combine her talent in soap making with her love of the Catholic faith.  Each soap is packaged with a short biography of the saint for which it is named. What a lovely way to get to know our heavenly family a little better while purchasing products that are beautiful and healthy!

And did I mention that she also makes candles, teas, lotions, lip balm and bath treats?

I'm awfully tempted by the look of this Our Lady of the Rosary soap (raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry fragrance)!

Did I need another reason to buy more handmade soap? Nope. I'm already sold since natural ingredients prevent my skin from the allergic reactions caused by commercial formulas. Not to mention how beautiful and delicious handmade soaps are!

Do I now have another reason? Oh, yes.
I am so grateful for and inspired by those artists who find ways to express their love and reflect the beauty of their Creator through the wonderful work that they do. Thanks be to God!

Other lovely handmade soap sources:

Seignadou Soaps made by the Dominican Nuns of Summit, New Jersey

Mum Mum's Crafts  Bath and Body Products (amazing allergen free products made by a tireless advocate for Life)

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