Have you seen my Scissors?

For years, I have been dreaming of a way to avoid misplacing my embroidery scissors. I use them constantly while I sew and consequently they end up everywhere and nowhere and never where I need them.

I had been thinking of an updated version of the Victorian chatelainebut thought I might end up looking like the Mr. T (or Mrs. T) of the sewing world with all those chains dangling from my neck.

Enter a sweet and talented woman named Larie...She is a fellow member of the Christian Artists Street Team (CAST) on Etsy and responded to my plea for help with a very beautiful and practical lanyard. I received it today in the mail and am so delighted with the beautiful solution she created!

With my new glass-beaded lanyard, I am officially the Queen of my sewing room...I am adorned and organized and oh-so-grateful to Larie, who practically read my mind when she created this piece!

Please visit her shop at: http://lariescreations.etsy.com!