Painting Daisies...

"Yes, Sweetheart...You are going to have the brown room."

As a general rule, girls don't favor brown. On Tootsie Rolls it's okay. Brown kitties and ponies are pretty cool. A dark brown bedroom? Nope. I definitely wasn't surprised when the prospect of a brown bedroom (even when it is bigger and in a new house) didn't thrill a particular female member of my household. I certainly couldn't blame her...So I got to work and did something about it.

The result was certainly better than I expected. In fact, the general consensus is that it looks downright pretty.

You know, I really love having my own home. I am so grateful to my husband for working so hard to provide us with beautiful space to breathe and grow. I'm grateful to God for the blessings and crosses that give our home so much life and love...

And I am so grateful for the joy of being able to paint on walls!
Posted on July 14, 2008 and filed under "daisies".