The E-mail Antidote...

I love Email. It allows me to communicate much more effectively with loved ones and people I want to connect with. I can "Do it now!" instead of putting it on a list (that I'll probably lose anyway) and write as much as I like without digging out an envelope and postage.

Having said that, there's something about Email that just doesn't compare with the delight of opening a real mail box to find a handwritten note. Whenever I receive a personal snail mail letter or card, I am reminded that it is worth the postage to send a few of my own.

I recently ordered some handmade cards from a shop on Etsy called TopQualityScraps. I placed the order thinking, "How sweet!"
I received the order and said, "I never want to use a store-bought card again!" They are beautiful. Extremely well-made. And not much more than I would spend for a top-quality card at a box store.

I'm including photos here, but with a disclaimer: These photos do not do justice to the actual work of this artist!

Please visit her shop to find out more about why she has brought new joy and life to my letter-writing habits...And reminded me that while Email definitely has it's place, it doesn't hold a candle to the work of our hands!
Posted on August 11, 2008 and filed under "birthday cake", "email", "frogs", "greeting cards", "handwritten", "topqualityscraps".