To Serve is to Reign

So, I haven't always been the best wife. I admit it. When we were first married, I was kind of a brat. I was often selfish and whiny and liked to "win" arguments more than actually seek the truth.

And, well...I'm still not the best wife...but I think I'm improving. The primary reasons that I have improved at all are #1 By the Grace of God! and #2 Because my adoring husband is a man of wisdom and patience. He saw something beautiful in me when we met (in the rough!) and has never stopped working for a moment to love me and to help me to be at my best.

And he has prayed for me. Before my husband was even at the age to marry, a wise professor advised his students to pray for their future spouses. And he did. Lord only knows where I was and what I was doing while my future husband was on his knees for his unknown wife. What a beautiful gift!

So now I pray for him. And in praying for him and loving him and accepting his love in return I've become less of a selfish brat (I hope). It brings me joy to do things for him and for our children. Marriage has helped me not only to understand what it means to love and serve others...but to thrive on it.

Thanks be to God for my wonderful husband, who treats me as his queen even when I do not deserve it! Happy Anniversary, My Love:).
Posted on August 4, 2008 and filed under "anniversary", "faithfulness", "marriage", "prayer", "spouse", "wedding".