Wear Flowers in your hair!

I recently found a really cool Thursday blog idea called Thankful Thursday. The idea is that bloggers would share something with the world that they are really thankful for.

Today, I am so thankful that God made me a female. I love being a woman! I love that He has blessed me with with the gifts, great and small, that contribute to what the late Pope John Paul II called the "feminine genius". He wrote:
"In transforming culture so that it supports life, women occupy a place, in thought and action, which is unique and decisive"

So in honor of God's amazing plan for women, I'm issuing a Thursday challenge to all "girls" out there...To find ways to bring out the beauty of your womanhood and let it shine for the world!

Today's challenge is: Find a way to wear flowers in your hair today.

And if you feel so inspired, leave a comment about what you did or post a link to a picture of beautiful you and your flowers:)

(The Pink Magnolia Hair Clip shown above is for sale at www.sunnybrookfarmdesign.etsy.com)