Hurricanes, Alligators, and Beautiful Fruit...

There are a multitude of reasons why I am not in the business of growing citrus fruit. Among them are alligators and hurricanes. Let's face it, to grow beautiful fruit, one must live in the type of wonderfully warm climate that invites both of these things that frighten the daylights out of wimpy Northerners like myself.

So today, I thank God for sending us the bold, brave and beautiful people from Schacht Groves to tend to His groves of delicious fruit.

I am so happy to introduce you to this family from Vero Beach, Florida who make it their business to grow the best citrus fruit around. Aside from being truly wonderful people, the Schachts are committed to growing amazing fruit and doing it in a natural and earth-friendly way.

You can read more about their process and the advantage of buying from a small farm here:

The Schacht family only sells fruit at the peak of ripeness and will be opening for the holiday season on November 1st. I highly recommend exploring their website and citrus offerings early so that you are ready for the holidays. And if you forget how to find them, you can always come back to this blog...I have a link to their site in the right-hand column.

Do you love homemade products like I do? Well this is the citrus equivalent. The big box store oranges may look pretty...But the quality just doesn't compare.

God bless the Schachts as they head into their busy season. May they be blessed with abundance and joy. And may the hurricanes and alligators leave them in peace!

Henry and Louis Schacht and Family