Little Trooper...

I have been reflecting recently on the wonderful world of life in a large family. I am particularly fascinated with the place of the youngest child in a group of siblings. At times, it seems that the littlest might get lost. But then there are other times when I am so conscious of the blessing of having so many additional people to love and support the little one as he or she grows. In spite of the regular irritations or squabbling that seems to naturally occur when children gather, I have to conclude that the presence of of siblings is just a huge gift.

The littlest gets dragged to and fro to the events of older sibs. Gets dressed in funny outfits and paraded around for various ceremonies and "shows". Is official taste tester, live baby doll, and patient (or not-so-patient) model for a budding beautician. Entertainment for slow afternoons and an easy target for kisses and hugs when the urge strikes.

I can't help smiling when I see the sweet interaction. Can't help yelling when baby's "duties" appear to include being a live "papoose". Can't help laughing at the joy and love that siblings bring to each other on a daily basis.

Thank God for each one of them. And God bless the Little Trooper who bears it all so sweetly and patiently!