A Mother's Story of Adoption...

I listen to the prayers of my children..."God bless Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa and the mailman..." and delight in that simplicity. I wish I could have that kind of childlike faith...The kind that asks, "God bless little Johnny" and then moves on, confident that the ball is now in God's court and that He will come through with a smashing victory! But my heart has all the weakness of a suffering mother; I trust the Lord will care for my children...But the older I get in my motherhood the more I have to deal with the very real issue of "free will". I find that my fear has a greater hold on my heart at times than does the gentle mercy of God.

My children are so beautiful. I love them so dearly and in imitation of Mary, hope to walk with them along their particular 'Way of the Cross' bringing them comfort and support. The joy and the suffering are at times so intertwined that they seem almost inseparable...I suppose that is the essential mystery and glorious beauty of Calvary!

I pray that I may love my children enough to care for them well in my time...And release them to the goodness and mercy of God when my time has come to let go.

I would like to introduce you to a woman who has embraced God's call to sacrificial love in her motherhood. Angela's journey began with a pregnancy that was unexpected and the decision to give the child of her womb to an adopting family. The seed of that gift of her heart has sprouted and brought about unexpected joy.

She has made a decision to share her story with anyone who cares to hear it...To open her heart, her sufferings, her blessings to others with the hope that someone will be touched by the visible fingerprints of God all over her journey. In her journal, she writes:

When he was born, I gave his parents all rights to do as they wanted with him while we were in the hospital. I wanted the bonding to take place immediately with him. They were in the labor room with me and then the delivery room with me. I remember the doctor asking if I wanted the baby. I said no, to give him to his mamma. That is the last thing I remember before going out after delivery. She holding Josh, Rick holding her. It was just a wonderful healing moment for me.

But that was only the beginning.

I invite you to enter her beautiful story at a blog she has started specifically for this purpose.

It is the journal of the journey of a birth, an adoption, a new life, and a reunion...written by a wife, mother of 6, student, business owner, and artist.

Because blog formatting reverses the chronology of her journal entries, she asks that you start reading with the post entitled Mother's Day 2008.

And please invite others you know to read this story of sacrifice and hope!