Color Me Happy!

My life lately has been extremely busy and wonderful and....Colorful! I have recently been spending some of my time helping one of my favorite sisters to open up her own shop on Etsy. She makes beautiful, big recycled rainbow colored crayons in a variety of pretty shapes. Here is her profile from her Etsy shop:

I am a 40-something lover of all things happy and colorful! I am confined to a wheelchair as a result of my Cerebral Palsy but that doesn't stop me from living a full and happy life!

My favorite color is...Well, I can never decide! I love hearts of all kinds and birthday parties and pretty jewelry.

Making these crayons is such a happy way to express myself, reach out to others, and hopefully, earn a little bit of pocket money, too! Since my disabilities prevent me from holding a regular job, I won't complain about extra change in my pocket:).

I am the designer of these crayons and do everything I possibly can do in their creation. However, there are some things I cannot do on my own and for those things I rely on my family for assistance.

The ability to run the business end of Beth's Crayon Box is not one of my gifts so my sister is the one who does all of my Etsy work. That leaves me with all the fun creating!

I cannot tell you what joy this endeavor has brought to both of our lives. She is a beautiful person who loves sharing her creative talents with others through these pretty crayons. Please check out her shop to see the fruits of her happy labors!