Cyber Friends...

Passion Wall Cross

A very strange thing has happened to me in the last few months. I have developed several wonderful friendships through...the computer. I suppose this is a more common occurrence these days but it hasn't happened to me before. There is so much to be said for being able to hear the voice of a friend, feel the touch of a hand, and see the look in their eyes. But contrary to expectations, I have come to know some special people simply through the written word.

In a crafting community, that limited interaction does take on an additional dimension as we share the work of our hands and exchange ideas and our experience and creative process. Nonetheless, it was still a surprise (a pleasant one) to find a kindred soul among the all the typed characters and links.

I want to introduce you to a very special friend of mine. She is a metal artist and a fellow member of the Christian Artist Street Team (CAST) on Etsy. TC is not only very talented but she has a great sense of humor balanced with wisdom that helps keep me in line and walking in step with our Lord. I am so grateful to God for her friendship.

I am also a huge fan of her work and am honored to own some of her custom designs. Please check out her shop at and know that you will receive an excellent product from a truly wonderful person.

Personalized Cross Ornament

Mary Had a Little Lamb Cross