No Fear...

I was always a highly conservative child. That's a gentle way of saying that I was afraid of everything. While other kids were turning somersaults on concrete, I was carefully evaluating the distance and rate of speed my head would be traveling in relation to the firmness of the ground surface. Any pebble was determined to be a major danger to my sense of well-being and the result was a comfortable seat on the curb with an excellent view of my companions foolish activities. Tall slides were not enjoyed. Water slides were totally out of the question. The definition of "stranger" was someone I hadn't seen in 48 hours. And vanilla ice cream was the flavor of choice (chocolate tending toward the adventurous side).

I'm happy to say that I am much more relaxed as an adult. I still don't somersault but I did demonstrate cartwheels for my children recently. I did play Rugby for a brief period in young adulthood but only because I was faster than the girls trying to crush me. So I am reckless only when the benefits outweigh the risks.

Imagine my shock and horror at finding that I have children who are not at all like me. Take Baby, for example, who is not afraid of ANYTHING. She's always one step ahead of me because it doesn't occur to me that she would even want to do half the things she does.

I captured this photo of one of her latest escapades. Not a real exciting photo but I'll tell you the story to liven it up. We were at a swim meet (for hours and hours) and I was successfully keeping her in line. "Don't climb the railing...Please don't eat that flip-flop...That's not your brother so don't walk away with him." I turned around for a second to answer a question from someone else and suddenly, Baby was gone! You know the feeling...That sinking, I'm-going-to-throw-up, horrible lost child feeling. Finally, I looked down and saw the image I captured on film. Baby had crawled under the rail to the swimmer's bench at the poolside, sat down next to some unknown child, and began clapping and saying "Do, do, do!" which means "Go, go, go!"

Relief? Yes...Temporarily. I do not understand this child. It is not the first time in my parenthood I have googled "child leash"....And "toddler flotation devices"!

So, once again...Thanks be to God for keeping them all safe and for giving her an extra energetic Guardian Angel:)
Posted on November 11, 2008 and filed under "lost child", "no fear", "toddler adventures".