Handmade Christmas...

It's simply not possible for me to do a 100% handmade Christmas. I don't have all the skills needed and the time required for such an adventure! However, I am doing what I can and having a wonderful time putting heart and soul and muscle to the task of making things for those I love. I can't post them all (just in case anyone ever actually reads my blog!) but I'll share a couple with you today.

The photo above is a skirt made especially for church on Christmas Eve for a little girl in my life. I used the Edith Twirl Skirt pattern from Fabritopia and just love the way it turned out. So pretty and girly with poof and ruffles that just beg for a good twirl!

Another new pattern I tried this year is a sweet stuffed baby dolphin from FantasyCreations. What a fun and easy pattern! And paired with the pink Minky fabric, just perfect for a little fish I know:).

What are you making this year?