A New Friend...

Meet my new dolly...Isn't she adorable? Well, she's not exactly MINE. But she is in my care until the little one for whom she was created is old enough not to suck the paint off her face!

Many sincere Thanks go out to Sarah who is one of the most authentic, spontaneous, and generous people I have *never* met. But physical proximity is not a requirement for us to be traveling companions. We are sisters on this journey that leads to the heart of Christ. We also happen to be fellow bloggers...And incurably crafty!

Several months ago, I complimented Sarah on pretty dolls that she had showcased on her blog. And wouldn't you know it, this pretty little dolly just recently landed on my doorstep!

Dearest Sarah, I must tell you that as soon as this doll appeared out of her box, Baby snatched her up and ran from the room. She claimed her from the start and jealously guarded her prize from any and all curious hands. It wasn't until she finally slept for the night that I was able to remove dolly to a safer location:). Thank you!
Posted on January 26, 2009 and filed under "handmade dolly", "journeyoftruth".