Will you please get the snow out of my glove?

If you observe the photo above, you will notice that the child pictured is imploring an unidentified party for help removing snow from her outerwear. What you do not see pictured is the person to whom the pleading is directed. That would be...Me. You also cannot see that I am inside the house while she is outside. She had a wonderful time playing in 20 degree weather in a foot or two of snow. I was very happy to take her picture...From the warmth of my heated dwelling.

I have always lived in the North. I have learned to live with snow. When I was a child, I even enjoyed the snow. Now I can watch it with pleasure but have lost my youthful desire to be wet and cold for any length of time.

Perhaps this is the time of life when future "snow birds" start to get the itch to hob knob with the flamingos. But I already know that I really dislike any temperature that can't be used in conjunction with the term "moderate".

So, really what I am is...Spoiled. And the name of my comfort zone is "Climate Control". As in air conditioning and wood stoves. With beautiful big windows.

I'll certainly take my obligatory romp in the snow when the temp. hits 35 degrees or so. I'll throw my share of snowballs, build a snow fort or snowman, and follow the animal tracks through the cold stuff. I'll pull off my share of soaking wet socks and enjoy the mandatory cup of hot cocoa following the fun. Then I'll retreat behind my windows...

....And eagerly await Spring!
Posted on January 15, 2009 and filed under "cold", "northeast weather", "snow in my glove", "winter chill".