Honey for Your Troubles...

This is a photo of our most recent nutritional acquisition...Buckwheat Honey.

We recently dealt with an upper respiratory sickness in the family. Lots of hacking, sore tummy muscles...You know the drill. Friends of ours had compassion on us and shared their miracle drug. In fact, the father produced a brand new jar of it from their car and we went home with the honey and also with serious reservations about whether any one of us would ever touch the stuff.

I'm here to announce the success of the Buckwheat Honey challenge! Was it tasty? No. In fact, none of us are huge honey fans. And this stuff is as dark as it gets. Apparently, that's the secret to it's success. Soothing the throat and providing natural antibiotic properties....The darker the better. Our nights were immediately quieter. A coincidence? I don't really know. But the evidence seems to be on it's side and the most particular member of our family can consume it without vomiting.

I can't say as much about a different member of the family. Let's listen in on a conversation between siblings...

Professor: "Now, it's kind of thick so you should drink it with milk."

Crash: "At the same time?"

Professor: "Yes. In fact, it's best if you take the honey and milk at the same time and then swish it all through your teeth to make it easier to swallow."

Crash: "Oh...Okay."

*Crash takes the entire spoonful into his mouth plus a substantial amount of milk. He proceeds to swish it between his teeth and then pauses with wide eyes wondering what to do next. I'm thinking that the situation is looking problematic and just as I'm about to suggest a different method, Crash attempts to swallow the mouthful. He promptly throws it up all over the chair.*

Crash: "Hey, Mommy! Look! Milk came out my nose...Isn't that cool?!"

I guess the summary of this account is this:
If you can get your kids to take Buckwheat Honey, it works pretty well.
Posted on February 3, 2009 and filed under "Buckwheat honey", "honey", "natural cough remedy".