The Best Birthday Gift Ever....

When a first grade boy tells you that a particular birthday gift is "the best birthday gift ever", it's time to pay attention...And spread the word!

When Grandma and Grandpa said that the present was "large", I delayed enthusiasm. "What is it?", I asked. "You'll see...Don't worry," was the answer. I was not comforted. After all, THEY wouldn't have to live with the large present in THEIR house...Grandparents are generally full of wisdom in these matters and know how much trouble they can actually get away with before the line is crossed! I'm sure you've all had the experience of watching a child open a gift while the Grandfolks sit with "innocent" smiles on their faces. You see that look and the little red flags start to rise slightly as you wonder what on earth is in that box. The innocence is a facade. The paper comes off. Yup...Guilty.

But...There is no denying that this particular gift was a winner! Thumbs up all around.

A collapsable hunting blind.

Okay...Restated in kid terms. A really big camouflage tent that has a billion cool zippers and windows and I can even stand up in it and put chairs in it and it pops open easy so that the kids can do it alone and I'm going to sleep in it tonight!

Really, it's the perfect kid tent and is designed to pop open without any assembly. Very sturdy and fit 6 people (including one adult) yesterday without a problem. It's extremely easy to collapse and packs up quickly into a bag. It's light enough for a child to carry (for reasonable distances) and includes straps for carrying like a backpack.

We are currently using it inside but are eager for the warm weather to try it out in the yard. If you have a large indoor space, it's a great cold weather play space.

Look carefully...There's a youngster peeking out at you through a camo colored mesh window screen!

There are many different variations on this blind. This one can be purchased at most sporting goods stores but I found the best price at WalMart at $99.98. Prices vary according to the blind sizes, functions and brands.

A little pricey for your pocket book? You might want to give the Grandparents a call and drop a little hint!
Posted on March 13, 2009 and filed under "best birthday gift for a boy", "camouflage tent", "hunting blind".