In spite of the fact that I never seem to be able to complete my daily household tasks, I still manage to blog and to explore a myriad of creative distractions. My excuse is that it's part of my personality to need an outlet to express my creative self. But in the back of my mind, heart and soul I know that it's a lousy excuse for doing the things I like to do to the detriment of order in the home!

Regardless of the motivations or drawbacks to being a person who succumbs too easily to creative distractions, the truth remains that I do end up with quite a few "projects" in various states of completion at most times!

This little felted bunny is one of them.

He started as a little fluff of natural wool fiber (looking very much like cotton candy) and was poked and prodded into existence with a large, barbed needle. The process involves inserting that needle into the wool thousands of times to sculpt it into whatever the imagination can dream up. It does take a bit of time but I enjoy the process tremendously and find it relaxing.

I highly recommend the activity to all crafty types but must warn you to keep a stash of band-aids on hand. I'd heard the warning before but thought I would be smarter than the needle...I have been humbled!

Posted on March 18, 2009 and filed under "creative distractions", "needle-felted bunny", "needle-felting".