Domestic Adventures...

I was a late bloomer in the field of the domestic arts. (Some would question whether I've even bloomed yet) My excuse is that I was raised as a latch key kid who had to find her own way in the home.

What I did learn was how to get the job done. Sink or swim, so they say.

I did learn a great deal about self-sufficiency. I did learn to wash my own clothes, make myself meals and didn't really learn to clean. But overall the result of my domestic experimentations at such a young age is that I learned to get a great many things the wrong way. Which makes for stressful in-the-moment experiences...And pretty hilarious memories.

Fast forward to adulthood. I was in my mid 20's with lovely home and staying home with 3 small children exploring my new domestic world. And I had reached a momentous decision: I was going to learn how to sew! I believe that decision came the same week I flooded the kitchen with 3 feet of bubbles (don't ask). Or maybe that was the week I accidentally scrubbed the finish off the stove or burned my 147th grilled cheese sandwich...or forgot to put the laundry in the drier (for a week). The details are unimportant....The adventure had begun.

This decision was born out of my self-sufficient (stubborn) nature. I am always looking for a new and better way to do things (BTW-Please don't add water to instant pudding-it doesn't work). The desire to sew was a natural fruit of that need to get the job done, on my own...Right now.

The first mistake I made in sewing was thinking that my natural artistic ability would instantly transform "that machine" into a magic wand. "POOF! It's a dress!"

My second mistake was trying to "guesstimate" measurements. Eyeballing it, you know? (You mean, I actually need math to do this?)

My third mistake, was buying 60 yards of fabric before I knew what a seam ripper was.

I could continue on with this list for a little while but it is still a work in progress. It should be of publishable size someday.

My ultimate goals were these: To make beautiful things to wear and dress my children in that I actually liked instead of being forced to shop from the "best of the worst" and to learn enough about sewing to pass it on to my kids (before they are out of the house).

Fast forward a decade or so. I made my first edible pot roast a couple months ago. I don't firmly pack the towels to the brim of the washer anymore. I fold underwear. And I make a delicious cheesecake.

I can also sew a dress. It started with a pillowcase and now I am teaching my daughter to sew. In fact, she just made her first pillowcase!

I am the quintessential distracted crafty mommy. There is no such thing as a One-Hour pattern in my house. Sew, chase the baby, sew, make lunch, sew, change a diaper, sew...You get the idea.

"Wow! I love that dress! How long did it take to make?"

I have no idea.

Life is one long sewing project. Life is good.
Posted on May 19, 2009 and filed under "domestic arts".