Holy Saturday and the Vigil...

And now we wait...

Tonight is the Easter Vigil Mass and the children are beside themselves with excitement! I am so encouraged that their thoughts are filled with things of our faith and not of their Easter baskets (not yet, anyway!). They'll be thinking of the food and gifts tomorrow but tonight is the real celebration. They love the candles and flowers and trumpets and drums and incense...All the "smells and bells" at their best!

And I confess to feeling a bit like a child as the evening approaches. It's going to be a late night but always worth it!

I've seen this prayer a number of times over the years and thought some of you might enjoy using it with your families:

Prayer for Holy Saturday

This prayer is designed to be said within the family before a Crucifix on Holy Saturday.

No candles are lit today.

Mother or a child: "May our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who alone by his powerful word governs all things, yet has buried the shame of the Cross and iron bonds, who has broken the bars of the bronze doors and has descended into hell, who has shone with the brightness of a new light on those who were sitting in the shadow of death — may he, the sun of justice, rising from the tomb, shine upon our darkness with the marvelous light of his risen Body."

Father: The women sitting at the sepulchre

Family: were weeping and lamenting for the Lord.

Father: Let us pray. O God, who makes this most holy night illustrious by the glory of the resurrection of our Lord, preserve in the new children of your family the spirit of adoption which you have given, that, renewed in body and soul, they may give you a pure service. This we ask of you through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son.

Family: Amen.

Father: Let us bless the Lord.

Family: Thanks be to God.

Father: May the almighty and merciful Lord, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless and keep us.

Family: Amen.
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