Lovin' Life...

Great things have been happening with Handmade for Life this month! With a new pro-life Etsy team making it's official appearance, we've started to attract a little more attention and have been receiving many positive responses.

If you haven't seen the new shops and faces over on the HFL blog, please take a peek. There are so many fantastic goodies to browse through and purchase and so many of them donate proceeds to their local crisis pregnancy centers and other worthy organizations. And yes, I do shop with many of these fine people myself:). Here are some of my faves:

Mum Mum's Crafts is hands-down one of my favorite shops on Etsy. I use her make-up, lotion, lip-balm and think this solid lotion bar is fantastic! She created it specifically to raise money for her local CPC.

I do not own this onesie but all I need is one good reason and I'm all over it. In fact, there are so many fantastic onesies over at Baby Big Mouth that I'm sure I can't pick a favorite!

Here's another item on my wish list. Actually, there are many things from Shady Side Farm on my wish list! I am completely fascinated by the fact that almost all of their items start with the wool of their own sheep! They do it all...and still managed to created these beautiful wash cloths to raise money for their local CPC.

This could go on for a while...lol! So, I'll cut myself off after this next one.

I do own this bracelet. I was so blessed to be able to trade with With Love from Mom for this lovely piece a while back. Beautiful design and craftsmanship! And I hear that she has plans to start a new line of pro-life jewelry which I am eagerly anticipating!

The most exciting thing about this new team is being a part of the ongoing inspiration and love-driven creativity saturating it. Artists and crafters committed to building up a culture of life through the work that they do...And with such a joyful spirit and foundation of hope! Don't get me wrong...There's no denying that the pro-life cause is fraught with difficulty and discouragement. But it is also built on a foundation that recognizes the inherent beauty and dignity of all life. Consequently, the pro-life position is unavoidably joyful and lends itself to creative spirit!

I thank God for bringing me together with this group!