My pants are green...

My preference is to color eggs on Holy Saturday so that we don't start to celebrate too early (you all know what I mean...put that chocolate back!). However, mothers with small children will tell you that coloring eggs with a large group of clumsy short people can be very Lenten. I never can manage to get it done on Saturday so today was our day.

I managed to make my experience particularly sacrificial this year.

First, I chose an egg coloring method that uses OIL in addition to the usual smelly, messy suspects. The kids really didn't care one way or the other but I was feeling stubborn and energetic (funny how quickly that quality passes in the midst of a project).

Second, I made sure to lecture everyone involved on not spilling or touching anything with their oily hands. I then proceeded to SPILL an entire mug of oily green egg dye all over myself, the table and the floor. I expected to be sent to my room or at least scolded but I realized finally that I'm the one that usually does that thing to other people. Safe! Instead, I just had to clean it up while simultaneously keeping Baby out of it and supervising the egg coloring (which continued in spite of the lack of green).

Loved the results of this method. Probably won't do it again soon.

Now, please excuse me while I track down my multi-colored children for their baths!
Posted on April 9, 2009 and filed under "Easter egg coloring with oil", "Easter eggs", "coloring eggs".