Small Successes...

I've been waiting a week to participate in this fun and uplifting blog activity on the Faith and Family blog. It was created to help moms recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, they try to do exactly that. Here's my contribution...

1. I deep cleaned our family room. We're going to have an addition soon on that part of the house and I've been using that as an excuse to neglect it. But it is much nicer to have it done:).

2. I finally washed the "special" load of laundry that's been sitting (and growing) for a long time. It's the small load that requires special instructions, different settings, and an attentive laundress. I try to avoid clothes with complicated washing instructions as I so often forget and ruin them but...It's done now!

3. After several years of saying "I aught to" I finally did. I attended my church's pro-life group meeting and we've recommitted our family to the effort. I've done things with my husband over the years to support the cause of life but the busyness of family life has distracted us a bit. It's past time to step it up. A huge 'thank you' to the ladies at Handmade for Life who inspired me through their own faithfulness.

What successes have you had this week?
Posted on April 23, 2009 and filed under "Small successes", "faith and family".