A Rose in Bloom...

The transition of a young lady into womanhood should be a joyful and gentle time. My new shop on Etsy is dedicated to those blossoming roses...To easing the challenges of that transition and helping it to be a time of gentleness and joy.

Femininity is a gift. And the challenges that come with our womanly nature, if handled well, will help us to become more fully the beautiful women we are created to be!

I'll be developing this line more fully in the coming months but I finally have my first gift set listed. I sold 2 custom orders earlier in the year as well but this set is what I've been building up to. Check out my shop to learn more about the Beautiful Transitions Bed Pad and Gift Set.

Posted on May 21, 2009 and filed under "a rose in bloom", "first menstruation", "first period", "minky ped pad".