My version of the pretend checkbook...

I posted yesterday about a fun project I found on the Just Something I Made blog. I printed out the pretend check template (enough for 3 checkbooks) and used navy cardstock for the back. Instead of trimming the backing to stop at the bottom of the checks, I folded it to cover the top of the checks and insert into the top edge to close. (In my photo you can see 2 closed checkbooks behind the open one)

Another change I made was to add a ledger on the inside flap of my extended cover. I was showing my husband the newly completed books and telling him how fun it will be for the kids to practice writing them. He looked very wise and said, "I suppose. But everyone can write in a checkbook...Balancing them is the problem! They should have a ledger with those checks." He's right, as usual!

I cut pages out of one of our adult ledgers (the kind you get free with your checkbooks or upon request at your bank) and taped them in. I used tape instead of glue so that I could remove it easily if we needed to add more pages.

I'm considering having them earn their initial balance through extra chores and then "spend" what they earn on privileges such as watching a DVD or time on the computer just to add a little meat to the game.

UPDATE: Cookie requested that instead of earning "things" or games that she can earn time alone with me! So happy to oblige:)
Posted on August 26, 2009 and filed under "make a pretend checkbook", "teaching kids to balance a checkbook".