The Heart of My Home...

The men finished work for the day and we couldn't resist a sneak peak at our new upper level.  I climbed through the boys' current bedroom window armed with my camera and was immediately struck by the above image. May the power and hope of the Cross of Christ be the support and center of my home. Thank you, Jesus, for this beautiful and visible reminder of the One we work, play, build and live for!

The view is beautiful from upstairs although we won't always have a roof with a view!

The addition is quite large but we pray that it will allow us to open our doors to many more family and friends. We'll have a new ramp for our wheelchair-bound sister, room for our school books and projects and a dining room that will finally fit our growing family and then some. 
We have been in many small homes that were the joyful abodes of very large families and we know that the size of a home does not factor into the love and care that a family shares; but many of those families also lived in neighborhoods where every door was open and every child a friend. Good Christian fellowship these days usually involves commuting. It is our hope that we can make our home a hub for our children; that there will always be room and welcome for their friends, gatherings, prayers, meals, and memories.
Posted on September 14, 2009 and filed under "Christian home", "house addition".