Texting with St. Catherine

And some people think that religious lack a sense of humor! I laughed out loud when I discovered this photo of Dominican sisters "texting" with St. Catherine. Originally, the statue depicted the great saint holding a crucifix which was recently damaged.

These nuns are the Dominican Nuns of Summit, New Jersey at the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary . I enjoy their website and blog tremendously.

And imagine my unbridled delight when I discovered that they sell their handmade bath and body products! Those of you who know my affinity for handmade soaps will appreciate this discovery. I've added their shop link to my sidebar because I have a feeling that I'll be visiting there frequently.

Check out this yummy Basil Citrus Soap ! And do visit their gift shop for their Christmas gift sets , lotions and lip balms , samplers, room sprays, medals and books .
Posted on October 7, 2009 and filed under "Dominican nuns", "handmade soap".