The Dressing Room Mirror

When I look at the little women in my family I wonder if they will ever feel the torment of the mirror that plagued me through my childhood and youth. Will they struggle to see the the beauty behind the physical flaws? Will they feel the agony of failure to live up to our impossible cultural ideal of beauty? It seems likely that they will someday face this struggle. I pray it will be fleeting.

Poor tortured little souls. How many little girls spend time every day looking for something to love in the mirror and wrongly believing that there is nothing there?

Little princesses with no one to show them their beauty. Or none who understand what true beauty really  means. Or no one who can see the hidden suffering of a heart looking for love in a world that knows not how to give it. Or people too busy to notice.

I recently read an article written by Elizabeth Foss called Dressing Room Discovery . It's about a shopping trip with her blossoming daughter, the dressing room mirror, and the love of a family that understands what it means to be truly beautiful. I have read it several times and never without tears....
"Darling, beautiful daughter gathers an armful of promising fashions into her arms, trying to find things similar to those she saw at the tea. She tries one on. And then another. And then another. I see the storm gather in her eyes, threatening to spill onto cheeks, darkening where once the thrill of anticipation glowed."
You won't regret reading the entirety at Catholic Herald .

Heavenly Father, please look with love and mercy on your little girls. Help us to see Your beauty reflected in our mirrors; the beauty that You designed in us. Help us to know that we are loved beyond our imagining and that we are always beautiful in Your eyes...and that this is all that matters. Shape our vision so that we will not see with the eyes of the world but with eyes of faith. Refine our desires so that we seek first the mirror of the soul; that we may love You purely and passionately...
....And be beautiful forever.

Posted on November 11, 2009 and filed under "Beauty".