Growing into Pa Ingalls

We are not big outdoorsy type people. We love God's creation but are born and bred city folk who aren't the most eager to shed that inclination. But we are trying to grow. We bought a house with property which is a start. We handled our mouse invasion rather well. We got to know and appreciate our extremely noisy chimney swifts . I don't scream as loudly as I used to when I am surprised by a garter snake beside me in the grass. And...

...the boys took a little hike and brought us our first homegrown Christmas tree. We weren't the ones who planted it but it is now ours. Crash found it, Professor approved of it and Pa cut it down. And that's a pretty cool thing for people who generally buy their trees from WalMart.

Posted on December 12, 2009 and filed under "Christmas tree".