We Are Rich!

This has always been an incredibly rich time of year for our family. We managed to have most of our children between November and January which adds a bit of birthday and Baptismal craziness to the Advent and Christmas calendar. Several family members and godchildren also had the gumption to be born during this blessed time! We even have a Nicholas in the mix. Add a First Communion, lots of name days and feast days, a rather predictable bout with some kind of virus (nothing yet this year!) and you've got a season quite overflowing with joy and a touch of insanity:).

I recently spent some time enjoying seasonal photo memories. Doing that was the perfect antidote to the chill of the day. My heart is sufficiently warmed and contented.

Beautiful Button (my preemie) was baptized on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe surrounded by the love of family and friends. Oh, where does the time go?

Professor (6 yrs old) with Fr. Larry Richards after his First Holy Communion

A 9th birthday at the skating rink and a narrow escape by mom and dad:)

JellyBean's first Christmas

Even the stomach flu couldn't keep them from decorating for Jesus that year!

This year isn't as pretty as years past. It looks a lot like this:

But my heart is full and the time for rejoicing is near. A little drywall dust can't stop the feasting!

 I am missing my littlest one who was due to be born this month; another joyful bundle supposed to be adding a bit to the hustle and bustle and beauty of Christmas. But his joy is complete and there's no greater wish of a mother for her child. I will have to be content to hold my new godson who, incidentally, will be baptized 2 days after Christmas. Bring on the celebrations!!!

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