Finally...something to like about baseball

I'm not a big baseball fan. But this story caught my attention...

Oakland A's outfielder and rising star, Grant Desme, just announced his intention to retire from baseball and enter Catholic seminary. When asked whether there was a possibility of continuing to play minor-league ball while in the seminary (apparently, this has been done in the past) Desme told the San Francisco Chronicle , "No. I want to give my life completely to God out of love because of everything he's done for me."

Can we all please say a prayer for this courageous young man? I'm sure he's well aware of the heat he's going to be taking for this. God bless him.

Baseball bores me to tears but I'd sit through a whole game to cheer Desme on with no regrets.

Posted on January 22, 2010 and filed under "baseball", "priesthood".