RIP Dr. McInerny...

Ralph McInerny , one of the world's leading Thomists, philosophy professor at Notre Dame for 50 years, prolific author, co-founder of Crisis magazine and loving husband and father, died on Friday (Jan. 29th) after battling a lengthy illness.

I didn't know him well during our time at the University of Notre Dame. I remember his sense of humor and obvious devotion and affection for his wife; but my husband knew him well at the time and benefited greatly from his influence.

Dr. McInerny was a light in the dreary dimness of heterodox theology at Our Lady's university. He was a professor in the philosophy program and director of the Jacque Maritain Center at that time. At one point he offered to help my husband switch doctoral disciplines from theology to philosophy in order to restore some sanity to his studies. Dr. McInerny encouraged and praised his academic work while many in the theology department mocked him for his orthodoxy. It was a difficult time for my husband; trying to find a way to advance through the program without compromising the truths of the Catholic faith. Dr. McInerny was a mentor and a friend to so many who suffered likewise at the hands of the heterodox elite. Notre Dame, and the world, will be much poorer for his loss.

May he rest in the peace of Christ.

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