What does it profit a man...

"What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Matthew 16: 26

What is the price of a college scholarship?
A championship medal?
The esteem of one's peers?
A strong physique?

Remember when we you fought daily for victory? When you dropped into bed each night exhausted and sore from training the body to obey and win? Remember when we spent more time at the pool than with each other?

Those hours in the pool taught you many things about what you are capable of and how much the body can be made subject to the will...

...But somewhere along the way, joy and purpose was replaced by compulsion. Victory was expected but no longer fulfilling.

Remember the flu that held your body hostage before championships? Lying exhausted and feverish in bed at the hotel, you counted the hours until your first race. All that you had worked for slipping away. Three hours a day of physical and mental suffering for months and months...for what?

But you remembered what the body can do in the face of trial and you pulled off the victory. Again and again. I was so proud of you!

Why weren't you happy? This is what you worked for! It wasn't enough. The victory was hollow. It was a "slow" race and you had hoped for so much more. The shirt your coach often wore read: No matter how fast you swim, it isn't fast enough. You clearly had learned that lesson.

It was time to end the insanity. I miss seeing you compete. The excitement and beauty of sport and success are so attractive. But you are so much more to us than a time on a stopwatch. And we are so glad to see you renewed in life, energy and creativity.

You have learned how to give yourself physically and mentally to one purpose. You have gladly given up that goal and are rediscovering who you were made to be. I pray that you will always pursue the will of God with such courage and focus!

And I pray that the purpose of my motherhood will never again be confused by the glitter of the world.

Posted on January 15, 2010 and filed under "Christian sports", "swimming".