Love Courageously and Joy Will Reign...

Of all the sicknesses that plague our fallen culture, I think the failure to desire authentic love is one of the most tragic. We say that we want love--to love others and to be loved--but we only mean that we want to feel the absence of sorrow. We don't really want to go deeper because we've been there and it hurts. So we call desire for comfort "love" and wonder why happiness eludes us. Christ's victory on the Cross was insanity by this world's standards because it embraced grief and transformed it into joy. Is true joy possible without tears? A Christian knows it is not.

I'm sharing with you a blog post that I discovered this afternoon. Would you like to have a little peek at Easter as we walk through Lent? I promise that you will first walk Calvary with the young woman who wrote it but there will be no regrets. Love did not come as she planned but her joy is greater than she could have imagined.

Posted on February 20, 2010 and filed under "love".