On Bearing Crosses Willingly...

"In addition to knowing desolation, we ought to love it. Is not one of our duties to the Cross, no matter what it may be, to love it and embrace it? The attitude of St. Andrew toward the Cross ought to be the attitude of every Christian soul, and like him, we ought to say to it: 'Hail, precious Cross, which has been so long a time desired and so intensely loved. Receive in your arms the disciple of Him who effected His redemption on thee.' To find our cross ought to be an occasion of joy for us, as it was for St. Andrew. If we knew the value of the Cross, we would receive it with open arms, since it is Jesus Christ whom we receive on it.

Consequently, we ought to accept afflictions with love and gratitude to the degree that we are capable, since they are a gift from God, a great grace. Ordinarily speaking, we receive consolations, sensible graces,  and all pleasing things with thankfulness, and we believe that God sends them to us. Why, then, should we not receive these other and perhaps greater graces with the same gratitude, even though they are severe and painful? If we have received good things at the hand of God, why should we not receive evil (Job 2:10)? And with greater reason, since they are evil only for our bodies; for the soul, they are favors, most precious favors..."

-- Archbishop Luis M. Martinez, Secrets of the Interior Life
Posted on March 11, 2010 .