Great links, giveaways, and a video boys will like....

Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who was president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops when the Dallas charter was adopted in 2002, strongly defends Pope Benedict against media attacks.

The Headmistress at the Common Room exposes the True Cost of Public Schools AND shares a mouthwatering recipe for Easy Grasshopper Pie...Mmmm...

Cammie over at A Woman's Place... is giving away a gorgeous handmade Rosary in honor of the opening of her new Etsy shop, Full of Grace Creations . 

Another great giveaway over at LizziesLovelies. If you have little girls, you'll love her pretty bows!

And finally, a really gross video of Steve Ray eating a 4 inch grasshopper . Apparently, he told others with him on a pilgrimage in Isreal that he would eat any locust (grasshopper, cricket) they found just like John the Baptist did in the desert. Well, they found one. All I can say is that men can be stubborn creatures. And I know that they can be gross (they are grown up boys after all). My kids thought this was hilarious since they love all of his Footprints of God videos . I just felt a little sick. Not too sick to watch it twice though! :)
Posted on April 13, 2010 .