I suddenly discover that I need an apron...


I have discovered quite suddenly that I need an apron. It's an odd discovery because I've been married for 14 years and have been keeping house (more or less) for just as long. I have been cooking for that entire time period and only very recently have I noticed that stuff splatters on my clothes. Is it that I have never cared before this week? Or is it the tragic olive oil splatter on my favorite hoodie?

Whatever the reason, I have been made aware of an urgent need for a full apron with pockets. Preferably pink. Although I would take anything at this point.

I have a half apron with pockets that I made years ago but it looks seriously odd tied under my armpits (to protect my hoodie) and also poses a fire hazard as its excess fabric floats by the stove. I have darling apron patterns but my sewing machine is in storage while we unravel our tangled construction debacle. There is no end in sight to that insanity so there is no sewing on the horizon either.

Where's Grandmama when I need her? And her aprons? They were perfect. No frou frou and full boxy coverage. Lots of little flowers though and big pockets. I think she had at least one pink one.

Ah, Etsy! You come to rescue again! With lots of pretty and useful aprons. Alas! I cannot buy one because I now need to save my money to buy a new hoodie.

Posted on April 27, 2010 and filed under "apron".