18 Weeks: It's a Boy!

We have friends who own and operate a 3D/4D ultrasound studio. Since baby #4 we have had the great pleasure of being able to visit and see our unborn children in a non-medical setting and take home amazing photograph quality images.

I am about 18 weeks pregnant right now so the 3D images are not as clear (the baby is not as chubby) as he will be later in his development. But what a joy it is to be able to connect visually so early with a baby. It changes me every time. I am a mother 7 times. I know that life is within me and will eventually be known to the world (or in the case of miscarriage, to me alone). But those early months of pregnancy are a great trial for me and my focus is self-centered. I couldn't wait to go to my appointment yesterday because I know what it does to my heart to see. My focus cannot help but turn to the child.

This photo is a 2D image which is the best way to check the sex of the baby and also a lovely way to see cute little noses at this early age. The technician knew right away that our baby is a boy! If you look over his belly, you can see 4 little fingers peeking out of the blackness.

Another amazing thing about these early ultrasounds is seeing the level of activity going on so secretly in the womb. Although I can occasionally feel little thumbs and bumps, I cannot feel anything most of the time. For an hour, I watched my little one kicking and punching, raising his arms, rubbing his eyes and turning...and I didn't feel a bit of it! This little, unknown life so vibrant and thriving!

This photo is a 3D image. These generally aren't as good as they will be once the baby gets chubbier but still worth seeing. I liked this one because he raised his hands to his head and looked like he was trying to make little muscles! The legs are hidden but the umbilical cord is visible.

There are many people who love the surprise of finding out the sex of the baby at birth. I love the surprise too...it just comes a bit earlier! The opportunity to see these videos and images is too wonderful to pass up and I can't seem to say no when they ask if I want to know. :)

The ultrasound technician is a strong Christian. At one point she said, "I wish every girl and woman could see pictures of their unborn children. I think most of those who abort are just ignorant. I can't believe that they could see what we're seeing and still choose to murder their child."
Posted on May 28, 2010 and filed under "18 weeks pregnant", "ultrasound".