Dreaming of my Summer Date...

Talking about babysitting (previous post) really got me thinking about (and dreaming about) a romantic Summer date with my handsome husband. In typical dreamy female style, I have already picked out my outfit. Some of these items I have and some I am still dreaming about. I'm thinking perfect breezy Summer day (if only we lived by the ocean) and feeling pretty even with a pregnant belly. :)

Simple Summery dress from Eddie Bauer. I loved this dress in yellow, too, but something about white just screams "dreamy." I'm not the only one since I notice the dress is already backordered. Looks like it needs a slip and a camisole but that is easily done.

Dressy or casual and very comfy. I don't have these shoes but a similar pair. They have heels (which make me feel pretty) but don't make me fall over. Rubberized soles are a must for someone who lives in running shoes.

I love flowers in my hair. Nothing makes me feel more like a girl. I attached these pretties to sterling silver bobbies and can wear them everywhere.

I bought this pretty necklace last year at a "store closing" sale. Much prettier in person. This talented lady closed her jewelry business but I buy all of my make-up from her at her bath and body store .
Posted on May 14, 2010 and filed under "fashion".