A Gentle Kick in the Pants and a Mighty Whisper

As a follow-up to yesterday's post , I just have to say that God works through blogging. That seems a bit obvious since God works everywhere, I know. But my gentle gift today came through two internet sources. One from a blog I regularly follow in a lurking sort of fashion. The other through a fellow Handmade for Life member who strongly recommended a video to post to the team blog.

The good Lord could have given me a mighty hard kick in the pants for my whininess yesterday. But He did not...this time. He sent a gentle breeze of overwhelming compassion and beauty to direct my soul. He's reminding me yet again of the peace that comes with being little in His arms.

The first whisper of the Spirit came while reading the most recent blog post at A Holy Experience . There are times when the words another person offers are so clearly a gift from the Father to a soul. I don't have the words to convey the particular ways in which I was loved through the author's writing. The gift surpasses my verbal skills, my thoughts, and just drives straight to my heart. True beauty does that. I don't know where you are in life but if you are a wife and a mother, there is likely some part of this piece that will resonate with you; with your fears and hopes, insecurities and joys in the context of the intimacy of married life. Intimate Issues: The Making of a Marriage Bed

The second whisper came more directly from the following video. Nick's message of hope is direct and completely infectious. When that man, who seems on the surface to have so much missing, looks at the teenage young ladies and says "You are beautiful," you can see the conflict in their eyes. They want to be told this by a man who loves them. And the purity and truth that this man speaks directly to them surpasses all of the hype and superficiality of teenage drama...and cuts to the heart of the truth.

God has reminded me not to whine today. He has also reminded me that His beauty surpasses anything I could possibly desire in this lifetime. The tiniest glimpses that he blesses and consoles with can be overwhelming moments of joy and passion...with a reminder that we need not be content with glimpes but can finally, one day, rest with Him in that peaceful beauty forever.

Posted on May 26, 2010 and filed under "Nick Vujicic", "true beauty".