More First Communion Joy!

"Mommy, this was the best day in my entire life!" What joy those words brought to my heart! I also enjoyed the day tremendously and can't resist posting a couple more pictures to relive some moments.   I don't remember one single thing about my First Holy Communion so I am grateful that my children seem to soak up every detail of their own.

Invasion of the vestry!
"Can we wear the red cassocks today, Father? How about the fancy surplices?"

The liturgy was beautiful. The Professor's only disappointment was that they didn't have enough servers for incense. 

The children jumped at the chance to participate in the reading of Sacred Scripture and petitions. All homeschooled and not an introvert among them! 

I have to post this one again. Because they were the only two First Communicants at the Mass, the children were able to receive on their knees. I am so grateful that Father not only allowed it but encouraged it.
(This photo is also evidence of the wonders of digital photography. The original was sans flash and almost completely black. With the click of the mouse I was able to salvage it.)

Mama is happy. Very, very happy. My five "little" blessings. All thoughts of the disaster we left at the house trying to get out the door on time? Gone. (By the way, I was immensely grateful that we were not hosting the party that day! lol)

A very brilliant (and trouble making) set of grandparents gave Crash a bucket of water guns as one of his First Communion gifts. It did not take long before they were put to use. It took just a little longer for Crash to realize that a superior weapon was available. Between the hose and the rubber knife he got from his cousin, he was ready to do battle with the fiercest of party guests! 

Crash's top 3 favorite gifts?
A camouflage Bible case
A rubber Bowie knife
A small metal statue of St. Louis of France

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