My Princess Tough Guy impresses the Judges

Jellybean has been hangin' with the big kids and raslin' with her brothers since the very beginning. She's the perfect combination of Princess and Tomboy and the calmest child I have ever had.

Two weeks ago, she fell into a table at a restaurant and a bottom tooth went completely through her bottom lip. Mama felt seriously woozy. It was gross and in spite of having 5 kids I've never had a total lip perforation before. *shudder* She'll have that scar for a long time. But she only cried for about 30 seconds.

This morning, she had to undergo extensive dental work under anesthesia. Apparently, there is a defect in her primary molars that occurred during formation in utero (around the 16th week of pregnancy). I had no idea that 2-year olds could have root canals! The anesthesiologist discussed the procedure with my husband and I and assured us that she would cry while being put under. "Don't worry" she said, "they always do and it helps the process since they take nice deep breaths while crying." My husband gave the woman his best "dad" look and said with confidence, "She's not going to cry."

And she didn't. Not before, even though she was afraid. Not after, even when she was disoriented and feeling crummy. The medical staff was impressed and delighted.

She's not lifeless or dull. She's just used to rolling with the punches. The pampered princess knows a thing or two about tough. It's absolutely nothing that I did. I'm pretty sure she has her big brothers to thank! And her sisters always make sure that she has something pretty for her hair. Between the constant commotion combined with tender care, she knows that when she does fall down she'll end up safely in someone's arms.

Pope John Paul II said: "The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling." And I do get what he meant, especially when I reflect on the fact that their beautiful individual personalities mirror some of the most amazing qualities of their brothers and sisters.

Infertility has clearly not been a problem for me! I do know that it is for many others. Both family situations offer tremendous blessings and also specific crosses. Thanks be to God for the unique and amazing adventure that He has planned for each of our kids!
Posted on May 12, 2010 and filed under "siblings".