A New Springtime for the Legionaries of Christ

The Vatican has finally issued a statement revealing the conclusion of the apostolic visitation of the Legionaries of Christ. Read the statement and relevant links here .

In a nutshell, the Holy Father is taking control of the order and beginning a process of further investigation and "revision". It's a hard thing and a painful purging but I can't help feeling a sense of great relief and gratitude. The disease has been discovered, the larger effects also identified, and a new day has dawned. The purging is not nearly over. Neither has Pope Benedict's pastoral scalpel touched all that needs to be cut out.

But healing has begun. Hope is alive and God is extending His merciful and paternal hand over the wounded of the Legion and Regnum Christi. There are many who weep and mourn for what has been lost. But perhaps they have not attempted to imagine the work that the Spirit can do without Macial standing in the way.

Praise the Lord!
Posted on May 2, 2010 and filed under "Legionaries of Christ".