Queen for a Day...

Mother's Day was lovely. Mass is always such a perfect way to start any celebration. Father gave a beautiful blessing to all mothers and my heart was so full of gratitude. (My son, who was serving at the altar, noticed that more than one mother had tears in her eyes.) Then a meal and fellowship with family.

I'm not picky about presents and would be fine with cards but my husband loves to pamper me with gifts when I am least expecting it. Mother's Day is not a big gift day but I was in for a bit of a surprise...

I received a gorgeous pair of earrings, a new dress that I have had my eye on and a book that I asked for many months ago. It felt like Christmas! He doesn't always splurge so richly on me for such a simple occasion but I think he he knew how far some pampering would carry me right now. I'm just starting to rise out of very intense pregnancy sickness that has lasted almost 3 months. And I've been discouraged about an already significant weight gain (fitting into maternity clothes before the 2nd trimester was a bad sign). He clearly wants me to feel lovelier than I have been feeling and has learned that a bit of sparkle can work wonders!

The book is very exciting gift. I was so eager to read it after falling in love with a book by the same author this past year. Secrets of the Interior Life by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez has become a favorite of mine and I have heard good things about this one, True Devotion to the Holy Spirit . Hey, when Fr. Benedict Groeschel recommends a book, I pay attention!

One of the exciting things about the book gift is the timing. Two weeks ago, I would not have been able to read it. My illness was rendering me completely apathetic to all of my normal interests and activities. Spiritual reading has been like going to the dentist. I'm more than ready now. Like a lost soul that just wandered out of the desert, thirsty beyond words.

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, dear Husband! And Happy Mother's Day to Blessed Mother who has always loved me into the arms of her Son.

(I'll let you all know what I think of the book when I'm finished.)
Posted on May 9, 2010 and filed under "Archbiship Luis M. Martinez", "Mother's Day".