Baptismal Gown for Dolly

(photo credit to Bonnie Sue Dolls )

This Fall is going to be a beautiful and exciting time as we welcome our newest baby into our lives. Button's birthday falls just after the due date as well and I have been preparing for it now so that she doesn't get lost in the shuffle. She loves her baby doll and since her birthday will likely fall around the time of the baby's Baptism, I looked for (and found) a Baptismal gown for the doll .

I discovered an Etsy seller who hand sews doll clothes who had a Christening gown for sale. Reasonably priced and complete with an overdress, slip, bonnet and was an easy decision to purchase.

(photo credit to Bonnie Sue Dolls )

I received the gown today and it is so beautiful and well-crafted. The details of lace (even little pin tucks on the slip) cannot really be appreciated in the seller's photos. There's a lace inset on the skirt that is barely visible in her pics but stunning in person. Buying online can be a risky business sometimes. This was one of those "YES!!!" moments when I knew I had hit the jackpot.

I highly recommend Bonnie Sue Dolls to any of  you with dolly-loving littles. There are only a few items in her shop right now but perhaps she would be willing to do a custom order. Her customer service was exceptional. It's definitely worth the inquiry!
Posted on June 23, 2010 and filed under "doll Baptismal gown".