Obama job losses worst in U.S. history....And other things of interest

**Gateway Pundit points out a fact that Obama supporters would do well to note in his bid for reelection. With a nifty little graph, too...It’s Official – Obama Is Worst President in History on Job Creation; Worse Than Hoover on Job Losses 

**Thomas Sowell's writing is always of interest but his article today on the Degeneration of Democracy caught my eye particularly.

**This Double Chocolate Torte from Barefoot and Baking caught my eye as well. (As long as we're reading about politics we might as well comfort ourselves with chocolate.)

**A good article on the strange new internet world etiquette that sets aside common courtesy in the name of the "Welborn Protocol".   The "Welborn Protocol" I am 

**And finally, I know it's a little early for Christmas shopping (I'm uptight like that sometimes) but I want to recommend these handmade dollies for a little one in your life. $29 for a pair and they are gorgeous! Strong, quality handmade construction lovingly made by a Pennsylvania woman. Two of my girls have received these as gifts from grandparents so I am recommending from experience. I'm amazed she hasn't raised her prices yet...


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