Sunscreen Warnings

A study released shortly before Memorial Day reveals that almost half of 500 of the most popular sunscreens contain ingredients that may accelerate the growth of cancerous skin cells. Also indicated were problems with wrongly reported SPF numbers and the use of a hormone-disrupting chemical that enters the bloodstream.


Now we must be afraid of our sunscreen! But at least we can be informed and make the best decisions for our families. This article gives a nice overview of the concerns and a link to a searchable database to find out more about your favorite product.

On a related note, I have been wanting to try this natural sunscreen lotion for my face ever since Lucy created it a couple months ago. I use her other lotions and make-up regularly and have never had the bad skin reactions that I have with commercial products. Now I have another reason to try it out!

(By the way, my current interest in this topic may have just a little to do with the fact that I am still caring for a nasty sunburn I got this holiday weekend.)
Posted on June 2, 2010 and filed under "sunscreen".