The Amazing Peanut Ball and Homeschool Shopping...

Most of my computer time lately has been consumed with shopping and planning for the upcoming school year. It always starts with a pile of catalogs, messy notebook scribblings and a good deal of time researching prices and suppliers. It's really quite a fun and frantic time for me as I whittle down lists and see an exciting new year begin to take shape. The final lists are clean and crisp and the boxes of new books so much fun to open!

I thought that we would finally be enrolling my junior high student with Angelicum this year but it looks like we're going to go another year al a carte. The decision to continue designing our own curriculum came with the realization that I was about to try and handle my fears by throwing money at them. Paying a registration fee and having someone grade a few papers is not going to eliminate the bulk of the teaching responsibility. I know how to research good programs and books. I know how to fill in a calendar. I know when to ask for help. I know how to teach and communicate. And I know my kids pretty darn well.

So...another adventure begins!

I'm adding Spelling Power to my bookshelf this year (courtesy of an amazing deal on Ebay!) and also an exciting mix of Angelicum , Catholic Heritage Curricula , Math-U-See and various other goodies. The most exciting purchase I've made is the Student Writing Intensive (level C) for my junior high writer. He is chomping at the bit to expand in this area.

Non-consumable materials purchased in previous years are beginning to amortize. For example, I'm using the same successful reading program with my 4th child now. I originally paid $20 and have 2 more children after her. Just over $3 a child! Since I already have this and other previously purchased resources, my out-of-pocket expenses for my K-1st grade student this year (for essential core materials) will be under $40. Homeschooling is certainly not primarily about the money but it is exciting to see such good and fruitful use made of our previous investments.

The biggest difficulty with homeschool spending is that people are continually coming out with new and very cool products. (I'm thinking a blank check from Bill Gates would be lovely) In fact, I'm already thinking ahead and have this Amazing Peanut Ball picked out (picture above) for our unborn son. It's never to early to start educating! (That and it just looks like fun. Hint, hint, Grandma and Grandpa...)
Posted on July 8, 2010 and filed under "homeschool products", "peanut ball".