Christmas Shopping for a Large Family...

With a baby due in November (mine are usually a little late) and a crazy Fall schedule to fill in the time before then, I know I'm going to be scrambling to shop for Christmas. I've started a bit early and was super excited to find the sale section at CBD (Christian Book Distributors) . I immediately clicked on the "at least 90% off" and "less than $5" links and spent the next hour spending (and saving) money. Most items I purchased, including books, were $1 to $2 with DVD's (including many VeggieTales) averaging $4. The best deals were in books with most being $1.

If you homeschool, make sure to request their current homeschool catalog. There is a code on the back which gives you free shipping (with a minimum order) for up to 3 orders which applies to all products. I have found that CBD often has very good prices on homeschool workbooks (like Map Skills and Italic Handwriting) so putting together a minimum order wasn't a problem for me at this time of year.

I won't lie to did take some time to browse through the hundreds of selections to find things that were gift worthy. But in the end, it took much less time and money than a trip to the store (including WalMart).  I simply don't have the luxury of bargain hunting by myself around town. My favorite finds were the hardcover gift books. The Life book (picture below) about the Olympics is lovely. It is a 2004 publication (so slightly outdated) but still a very cool gift for a bibliophile teen boy. I purchased multiples of these for gifts. They came in perfect condition in shrink wrap!
Price? $0.99 (free shipping)

I definitely recommend using the categories on the left to refine your searches. If you've got the time and lots of people to buy for, this is a great way to find or supplement gifts.

N.B. CBD carries an extremely wide variety of Christian resources many of which contradict each other in content. They have a small Catholic section (search "Catholic") as well as books that directly contradict (or are antagonistic) towards Catholic teaching. I am not promoting the items that offend or contradict your faith values but trust that you can properly discern which items are appropriate for your family.

Posted on July 16, 2010 and filed under "Christmas shopping".