Losing the Baby Weight...

I know it's a little early to be thinking of this. Then again, with 3 months to go and that time sure to go by in the blink of a busy mom's eye...well, maybe it's never too early!

My first 4.5 months were spent in a sick stupor. Much more difficult than all pregnancies to-date. Since then, I have been slowly increasing my activity and actually getting stronger in the midst of pregnancy (in spite of the extra pounds).

In 3 months, God willing, I will be holding my precious baby boy. Before that time, I will have undertaken another year of homeschooling my fantastic kiddos and also coached a season of volleyball. (No, girls, I did not eat the volleyball) I'm tired thinking about it! But I'm also pretty excited.

My current exercise routine involves a brisk, daily 3-5 mile walk along with isolated strength exercises. Definitely not my preferred workout. A little boring to be honest (aside from my hubby's wonderful company) but pretty much all I'm up for right now. However,  I've built in a little motivational tool to keep me stepping strong:

About once a 1/2 mile or mile, I remind myself of my 1-year goal. A year from now, I want to be strong enough to play doubles or triples sand volleyball with my husband. Skinny isn't my goal. Strong and healthy is my goal. The weight will naturally come off with a healthy lifestyle. I remind myself that every step forward pushes me toward that goal and indeed, I do tend to take more of those steps than I feel like taking.

I want to be a healthy mom. I want to be strong to do the work of my God-given vocation. I also really want to play beach volleyball with my main squeeze! One step at a time....
Posted on July 21, 2010 and filed under "Christian sports", "pregnancy weight loss", "pregnancy", "volleyball".